Lip Liner/Full Lip Shade

Lip Liner and Full Lip Shade tattoos can really help achieve a fullness similar to that of injectables, but it a much less invasive way – all while adding a touch of color – at a fraction of the cost! It takes about 10 days to heal, but can give lasting effects up to a year! *If you’re prone to cold sores, you will want to make sure you take medication to prevent an outbreak!


From microblading to machine, we have the tools to get your dream brows – and don’t worry – you will be numbed beforehand! Say goodbye to that eyebrow pencil, and get the perfect brows everyday.


Eyeliner tattoos are a great way to ensure you look your best around the clock. They last about 1-3 years before you need a touch up. Keep in mind, as with any tattoo, you do not want to scratch, pick or rub a treated area, and avoid direct sunlight for 3-4 weeks.

Henna Eyebrows – Semi-Permanent

Not ready for the needle? No worries! We can enhance your natural brows to get the beautiful, dramatic look without the needle! Similar to other hair dying methods, you will want to maintain the shade every 4 weeks or so.